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Heal your mind and body with a soak in our artisan Bath Salt blends.


Made from a base of Dead Sea Salts, our Celestial Boheme Bath Crystals are a luxurious way to soothe your mind and body. Containing 21 powerful minerals, including Magnesium Sulphate, Dead Sea Salts are celebrated for their ability to soothe the skin, leaving it hydrated and evenly toned. 


~ Suitable for all skin types 

~ Safe for use during pregnancy and breastfeeding


~ Shower to cleanse the skin of dirt and pollutants. Your pores will absorb the minerals in the bath, so you want to soak once you’ve cleaned your body to avoid absorbing dirt and impurities from the day. 

~ Run a warm bath and shake your Boheme Crystals to disperse flowers evenly. 

~ Add and handful of Crystals and Flowers and gently agitate water to dissolve. Note: not all crystals will dissolve fully.

~ Bathe for at least 20 minutes, taking deep breaths through your nose to fully enjoy the sensory experience

~ After your bath, moisturise with Gypsy Oil or Wildflower Body Oil.

~ Remove flowers from bath prior to releasing the water. 

The Full Harvest

Dead Sea Salt, Bentonite Clay, Vanilla Essential Oil, and a blend of dried organic Blue Mallow, Blue Cornflower and Lavender flowers and petals.

See 'Our Full Harvest and Why' for detailed descriptions of our ingredients.