Lux Aestiva is not just another beauty brand, it’s quite the opposite actually.

After spending years in the beauty industry feeling like I was selling my soul, then the sudden loss of my gorgeous Mum while going through IVF myself, my whole world came crashing
down around me. My heart and my body were broken. It was at this point that I remember walking into my big, beautiful home and saying to myself ‘nothing in this house makes me happy’. And from that day on I started to redesign my life while my heart and body healed. We sold everything! Now we work less, live more and value quality time and connections over material things which is everything I wanted Lux Aestiva to stand for.

While going through IVF I really gravitated towards natural remedies. What I put on, and in my body, was the only thing I could control which is why when you look at any of our ingredients lists you will only ever find names you recognise. You can be at ease knowing nothing we produce contains parabens, sulphates, mineral oils, or synthetic colours, fragrances or preservatives. All our products are lovingly hand poured here on the Sunny Coast in small batches using only the finest raw ingredients sourced right here in Australia.

I don’t want to sell “beauty” products anymore because I truly believe beautiful skin does not come in a bottle, it’s so much more then that. I want to give you daily rituals to remind and guide you to surrender your stress, relax your emotions, inspire your spirit and love and appreciate your body.

Taking a little time every day to nurture your precious self, helps us to stay centred and calm, with more joy to share with others and, importantly, ourselves.

Lux Aestiva has helped me heal. It's a passion that truly feeds my soul and I hope our products help you feel nurtured and cared for as well.

Sending so much love

Bec x