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The Goddess Collection

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This collection has been created to make your loved one feel like the goddess that she is. She can smother herself from head to toe in precious oils and will glisten in your choice of Rose Quartz, Tigers Eye or Smoky Quartz Shimmers.   

  • Constellations Cleansing Oil 70ml
  • Marula Oil 30ml
  • Gypsy Oil 30ml
  • Gypsy Oil Shimmer 100ml (choice of colour)

 Constellations Cleansing Oil is a crystal charged cleansing oil that will leave your skin feeling nourished and dewy. Calm your skin while melting away the day’s impurities with rich fatty-acids that are essential for building a healthy skin barrier.

Marula Oil is a lightweight, fast absorbing face oil perfect for dry, damaged skin. This highly prized oil derived from the, once considered sacred African marula tree, hydrates, reduces redness, helps retain moisture and increases overall smoothness of the skin.

Gypsy Oil is a luxurious, fast absorbing body oil created to be used daily for ultimate skin health. This divine dry oil contains rose and jasmine buds suspended in a delicate infusion of botanical oils. It will leave your skin moisturised and lightly scented with floral notes without feeling oily.  

Gypsy Oil Shimmers are a collection of luxurious, fast absorbing body oils enhanced with natural mica particles for ultimate skin glow. These vitamin rich botanical oils contain prickly pear oil for deep hydration and meadowfoam oil to balance the skins oil production whilst glisten with natural tones.

- Rose Quartz Gypsy Oil™ will glisten on skin with soft, peachy golden pink tones.

 - Tigers Eye Gypsy Oil™ will glisten on skin with warm golden tan tones.

- Smoky Quartz Gypsy Oil™ will glisten on skin with rich chocolate tones. On fair skin Smoky Quartz Gypsy Oil™ will deepen and add a rich natural tones. On medium to darker skin it will enhance and enrich natural tone. 

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