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“Breathing is the greatest pleasure in life.” – Giovanni Papini

As ordinary as it may sound, simply pausing to take a breath can have renewing and calming affects on the body and mind. To add some extra power to your inhalation, burn one of these hand-rolled, luxurious incense sticks for mental clarity, cleansing, and meditation. Each scent serves a different purpose, allowing you to inhale the answers you need in that moment.  

Elements ~ Deep notes of Sandalwood. Promotes energy and enthusiasm, while supporting peace and serenity.

Sea Mist ~ Sweet and fresh with zesty top notes. An uplifting fragrance designed to cleanse and rejuvenate your space and your senses.

Dreamer~ Fragrant, floral tones with woody undertones. Designed to emulate the deep, yet breezy characteristics of nature.

Oud Aurora ~ Perfect for meditation, deep introspection and spiritual guidance.

Gypsea ~ Warm and romantic, with lingering hints of powdered rose buds. An intoxicating, romantic fragrance which inspires passion and love. 

~ Secure a stick in your incense vessel

~ Carefully light the end and allow the flame to catch

~ Extinguish the flame by blowing it out gently.

~ Allow the stick to smolder

Our incense sticks are hand crafted by artisans at the base of the Himalayas, and their methods provide a pure and natural scent which honours the ingredients it’s made from. 

First, a paste is made from naturally scented ground herbs, resins, spices and botanicals. This paste is then rolled onto a bamboo core and allowed to dry naturally. 

Unlike cheaper varieties, our sticks contain no sawdust, and they’re never dipped into synthetic fragrances or bulked up with nasties such as coal powder, washing soda, ash, grease or motor oils and melted rubber. Furthermore, our sticks are proudly vegan and we reject mass production methods which use powders and binding agents made from the blood of slaughtered animals. The result is a premium quality incense stick which does not emit harmful chemicals when burnt.